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Enjoy the beauty of henna by Diane Mejta

Henna Tattoos

HENNA  is a temporary body art 
THE ART OF APPLYING HENNA  to the hands and feet is also known as Mehndi, which is done traditionally for celebrations of marriage or fertility in the Middle East and India.  Henna was also used on the bottom of the feet to relieve the heat when walking in the Middle East and Mediterranean coastline.  
WHAT IS IT   it is a dye made from the plant Lawsonia Inermis
HOW IS IT APPLIED  Henna is applied as a paste and is removed once it has dried. The remaining dye will darken over the next 48 hours. 
HOW LONG DOES IT LAST  depending on the skin, these tattoos usually last 7 to 10 days. the stain wears off through the natural process of our skin's exfoliation 
FOR BEST RESULTS    paste should be left on skin for at least two to three hours, however overnight is ideal... the longer the paste is on, the darker the resulting tattoo will be. 
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